Traditional Kibbeh

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A Kibbeh is a savory beef croquette with a crispy shell filled with minced beef and spices.  Kibbehs are an authentic Mediterranean specialty, that are often served at special occasions because they can be so time intensive to prepare from scratch!  We've taken care to make them in the traditional way, and offer you these perfectly seasoned croquettes that can be served on salads, in wraps, or as a snack with hummus. They're also a unique appetizer to share with guests.

A protein-packed Mediterranean staple.  Irresistible minced beef, onions, and spices nestled within a delicious beef and bulgur shell.

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Ground beef, bulgur, onions, water, sunflower oil, all-purpose flour, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper

Cooking Instructions 

The Falafel and Kibbeh are sold frozen, and should be heated prior to eating.  In a traditional oven or toaster oven, heat for 10-12 minutes at 425 degrees, or use an air fryer and heat at 400 degree for 12-14 minutes.   

Please note that the Kibbeh contains beef and bulgur, and as such, it is not suitable for vegetarians, vegan, and gluten free diets.

The beef in the Kibbeh is Halal beef.

Approx. Bag Count: 8 Kibbeh

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So many ways to enjoy Afia

From a quick snack, to a platter for entertaining guests, to a lunchbox, Afia Falafel and Kibbeh are a warm and flavorful part of any meal.