Syrian Heritage - Female Owned
From Syria to Austin

Our story isn’t a fairytale, and that’s what makes it so enchanting.

Afia began as a little black book filled with traditional Mediterranean recipes that made its way across continents and through trials, transitions and transformations. From the loss of children and belongings in Syria, and surviving the trauma of abuse, sprung resilience. Our journey from a kitchen in Syria, to a farmer’s market in Austin, and now to stores across the nation, has been about infusing the meals of our past with modern flavors, and nourishing our community every step of the way.

“Afia!” is a toast “to one’s health and well-being” and a reminder to brighten up your table, and uplift those around it.

Our Story

Afia is a female-majority owned and minority owned licensed food manufacturer located in Austin, Texas.

Farrah Moussallati Sibai had the idea for the company in 2017 when she couldn't find the delicious foods she grew up with in her local grocery stores in Texas.

With her husband and co-founder, Yassin Sibai, the two quickly got to work developing falafel and kibbeh using Farrah's mother-in-law's little black book of generations old Syrian family recipes.

By 2019, Afia became one of the Chobani Incubator brands and H-E-B's Diversity Supplier of the Year.

Every month we donate food to local organizations to feed the hungry in our community.