Falafull of Love: OUR STORY

Our story isn’t a fairytale, and that’s what makes it so enchanting. Afia began as a little black book filled with traditional Mediterranean recipes that made its way across continents and through trials, transitions and transformations. Our journey from a kitchen in Syria, to a farmers' market in Austin, and now to stores across the nation, has been about infusing the meals of our past with modern flavors, and nourishing our community every step of the way.

“Afia!” is a toast “to one’s health and well-being” and a reminder to brighten 
up your table, and uplift those around it. At Afia we make food that’s nourishing, tastes great, and gives back — all at once. Because we are on a mission to make food powerful.

Our mission is of course, to bring you global fare, made from scratch in Austin, TX. But also to elevate refugees and families in need at every step of the way. In 2020-2021, we proudly donated more than 130,000 falafel to the hungry in our community for pandemic relief.


We want to nourish the community through more than food, although that’s a delicious start. Our goal is to provide the ability to share more of the world with loved ones while not having to spend hours preparing.

Afia brings the community together through empowerment. Owned and operated by a female majority, we aim to enrich the lives of everyone we come in contact with, but especially the communities we are a part of. We do that through empathy and action. And to our customers, we give them the gift of more quality time with the people they love, alongside delicious, authentic Mediterranean food.