Syrian Heritage - Female Owned
Who We Are

Nothing tastes better than family recipes that have lovingly been handed down generation after generation.  In essence you are eating a traditional dish.  However, after your very first bite of Afia products, you will know that our secret recipes carries with it years of love, care, experience and just the right know-how!

Afia, a family owned women majority small business specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.  Inspired through years of perfecting unique family recipes.  Our grandma's recipes have been refined and passed down from generation to generation.  Love, warmth, heart and soul was the secret to grandma's cooking.  Grandma's little black recipe book is full of spectacular Mediterranean dishes, filled with unique flavors and unforgettable tastes of authentic loving recipes that Afia is delighted to share with you.  We at Afia are proud to provide all our customers with exquisite dishes rich in flavors and spices.  We focus on our customer's satisfaction.  Therefore impeccable service is guaranteed.

From Syria to Austin

Afia  is a licensed food manufacturer located in Austin, Texas; we operate a USDA inspected and highly automated facility with an outstanding production capacity.  We offer our products to restaurants, hotels, weddings, events, caterers, private clients and supermarkets.

Food safety and high quality are our core values.  We require all vendors to certify that materials incorporated into our product comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws.