Kimchi and Forbidden Rice Falafel Bowl

Kimchi and Forbidden Rice Falafel Bowl
Pickled turnips and harissa go beautifully with falafel - so we thought, why not try some spicy fermented cabbage? The rich, forbidden rice at the base of these bowls can stand up to lots of strong flavors, while providing a beautiful contrast to the colors of kimchi, vegetables, and falafel. This easy and unexpected grain bowl brings loads of flavor, while still making dinner to the table in less than half an hour.


Makes 2 Servings

Afia Za'atar Falafel, prepared according to package directions 
1 cup forbidden rice, prepared according to packaging
1/2 cup premade kimchi
1/4 cup pickled daikon
1/4 cup cucumber, julienned
1/4 cup rainbow carrots, julienned
Sriracha mayo and sliced green onions to garnish


1. Cook forbidden rice (or grain of your choosing) and Afia Falafel according to package instructions, and prepare your vegetables

2. Divide rice between two bowls

3. Layer on kimchi, pickled daikon, cucumber, rainbow carrots

4. Add three Afia Za'atar Falafel to each bowl

5. Top with sriracha mayo and green onion to taste

6. Enjoy!