Afia Foodservice Falafel and Kibbeh

Mediterranean food is booming in the U.S., rated the best diet in America for the 6th year running in 2023! Let Afia bring you the flavor, authenticity and convenience your need with our all-natural and unique falafel and kibbeh offerings.

At Afia, we are driven by a mission to make food powerful through our nutritious, healthy ingredients and traditional Mediterranean recipes. Made from scratch in Austin, TX, and through the help of a community of refugees that we employ. All to bring you the tastiest Mediterranean dishes, that empower more than your meal.


Afia Falafel with attributes

Afia falafel are quick to prepare and packed with flavor, adding variety and versatility to any menu! Our falafel are perfect for banquets, tapas and appetizers, hot & cold bars, platters, deli wraps, salads, bowls, and more!


Vegan • Non-GMO • Plant Protein • Preservative Free • Gluten Free • Soy Free • Nut Free


Afia Kibbeh, on its own, and prepared in plates with hummus, salad, and more

A beef croquette that is quick to prepare and made with halal beef, kibbeh is a Middle Eastern classic popular for family gatherings and celebrations. Afia Kibbeh make a delicious, savory addition to any meal.


Halal Beef • Preservative Free  Soy Free • Nut Free


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