Progressive Grocer Reveals Inaugural Impact Award Winners & Afia is honored to be one of them

Impact Award Logo

With Afia now available at 800 locations nationwide and expected to double in 2021, Sibai, president of Afia, and her co-founder, CEO Yassin Sibai, have made diversity and inclusion core to their hiring practices.

Businesses can be a force for good, and serving others is the foundation on which the food and consumables industry was built. This reality is reflected in the way that grocers, suppliers and service providers positively affect society through environmental, social and governance (ESG) actions.

These actions tend to be profound and wide-ranging, but often aren’t fully appreciated. We saw this throughout the pandemic as companies rose to the challenge of taking care of their communities, employees and customers through innovative approaches, the expansion of existing efforts, and the generous donation of time and resources.

Progressive Grocer sought to address this recognition gap with the creation of a first-of-its-kind Impact Award program designed to honor industry exceptionalism. The goal was to discover and showcase the positive impact that companies large and small are having through their ESG efforts