Afia Announces Distribution at Whole Foods Nationwide

Afia Announces Distribution at Whole Foods Nationwide

(Austin, Texas, June 14, 2022) – Afia, a Mediterranean food company driven by a mission to make food powerful, announced today that they will be available at Whole Foods stores nationwide starting in July.

Whole Foods will carry Afia’s best-selling frozen falafel flavors, Afia’s Traditional Falafel and Afia Garlic & Herb Falafel, at close to 400 stores nationwide. Whole Foods marks the second national retailer with whom Afia has partnered, following Sprouts in 2021.

This will allow Afia to reach more customers in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Florida, Midwest, Rocky Mountain and West Coast. Several regions are new for the company.

“Afia’s products are perfectly positioned to meet consumers’ demand for both Mediterranean cuisine, which is surging in popularity throughout the United States with shoppers drawn to its healthy properties, and the demand for affordable nutritious frozen food,” says Farrah Moussallati Sibai, CoFounder and President of Afia. “The care we take in producing our all natural frozen falafel free of any preservatives and additives, with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options, will really speak to the Whole Foods customer.”

“Afia is family-run and the products are a tribute to our journey,” added Moussallati Sibai. “The saying ‘Afia!” is a toast “to one’s health and well-being” and a reminder to brighten up your table while uplifting those around it.”

Afia has been focused on increasing availability and awareness over the last year, fueled by their first round of investment in 2020. In 2021, Afia grew retail distribution by +250%. Adding Whole Foods to their distribution puts Afia on track to double retail distribution again this year. In May, they announced that Harris Teeter and Giant Landover will carry two of Afia’s best-selling falafel products.

Afia got its start five years ago selling at one Austin farmer’s market. Today, they are in more than 2300 stores nationwide and moving to a bigger 21,000-square-feet facility in the fall. The founders set out early to introduce authentic Mediterranean recipes with a modern twist – and prioritized quality. Everything Afia produces is to Halal standards, and they made careful consideration to introduce several gluten-free and vegan options, knowing how important these areas are for shoppers.

A full list of stores can be found online.

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About Afia
Afia, which means “to your health” in Arabic, is a Mediterranean food company
headquartered in Austin, Texas, driven by a mission to make food powerful. Co-
Founded by Farrah Moussallati Sibai, who had resettled in Texas after enduring great personal tragedy and loss in Syria, Afia’s products infuse the meals of her past with modern flavors. Using her mother-in-law's little black book of old Syrian family recipes, Moussallati Sibai began selling Afia’s signature frozen falafel and kibbeh at one farmers’ market in 2017. Afia now offers six different SKUs at more than 2300 retail locations nationwide and online.

Afia proudly became one of H-E-B’s Supplier Diversity Supplier of the Year award recipients and a Chobani’s Incubator brand, both in 2019. The brand
was also recognized by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce with the Greater Austin Business Award for Best Consumer Product in 2021 and Progressive Grocer’s Impact Award in 2021.

Afia is dedicated to nourishing the community through more than food through regular donations to local food banks and by supporting their local
community of refugees through employment and mentoring. For more on Afia and their mission, visit or follow @afiafoods.

Media Contact:
Lori Lefevre Wells,, 917.627.0803