Mediterranean More Often

Our journey from a kitchen in Syria, to a farmer’s market in Austin, and now to stores across the nation, has been about infusing the meals of our past with modern flavors, and nourishing our community every step of the way. “Afia!” is a toast “to one’s health and well-being” and a reminder to brighten 
up your table while uplifting those around it.


Complement your Falafel and Kibbeh with some of our favorite family recipes, perfect for a solo snack, dinner, or entertaining guests.

Who We Are

Owned and operated by a female majority, we aim to enrich the lives of everyone we come in contact with, but especially the communities we are a part of. We do that through empathy and action. And to our customers, we give them the gift of more quality time with the people they love, alongside delicious, authentic Mediterranean food.

Our Food

Born from a desire to find the Mediterranean food in the frozen foods aisle, that we, our friends, and family loved to eat, we created Afia Foods. Made with authentic Mediterranean ingredients, our food changes the perception that the frozen food aisle is where overindulgence and shortcuts come in, and health and nutrition see themselves out.

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